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Beginning DirectX 11 Game Programming

日期: May 2011

ISBN: 9781435458956

页数: 416

语言: English

出版社: Course Technology PTR

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Book Description

Discover the exciting world of game programming and 3D graphics creation using DirectX 11! BEGINNING DIRECTX 11 GAME PROGRAMMING is an introductory guide to creating fantastic graphics, amazing creatures, and realistic worlds for games. Written specifically for the beginner programmer, the book uses step-by-step instructions to teach the basics of DirectX 11, introducing skills that can be applied to creating games for both PC and game console platforms like the Xbox 360. Updated for all the newest DirectX technology, the book includes coverage of improved professional coding practices, an overview of the DirectX components and tools, sprites, text and font rendering, audio, shaders and effects, and much more.


  • Updated with coverage of all the new DirectX 11 technology.
  • No true competition on the market.
  • Includes easy-to-follow tutorials to help beginners get going quickly with DirectX 11.
  • Goes beyond explaining the “how” behind each concept and also explains “why.”

Table of Contents
1. The What, Why, and How of DirectX.
2. Your First DirectX Program.
3. The 2D Resurgence.
4. Text and Font Rendering.
5. Input Detection and Response.
6. Audio in DirectX.
7. 3D Primer.
8. Shaders and Effects.
9. Cameras and Models in Direct3D.
10. Conclusions.

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